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Hardware & Devices

It's touchscreen, Jim, but not as we know it

eyefactive GmbH has set out to boldly push back the boundaries of human-computer interaction with large professional touchscreens that can detect and identify physical objects.

01 Dec. 2017

The touchscreen technology that enables users to operate devices intuitively using their fingertips and gestures on the display has become so popular that it’s even infiltrating places where conventional controls still win hands down - in cars, for example! But you certainly can't blame companies for trying to make the most of the technology's very attractive advantages. eyeactive GmbH based near Hamburg is intent on pushing back the boundaries of human-computer interaction by introducing large professional touchscreens that can detect and identify physical objects.

This futuristic effect is created with the aid of the barcoding system commonly used at store checkouts. Any object that is tagged with a special marker chip can be detected and processed in real time on the display - without even the need for extra equipment such as QR code scanners. Instead of having to fight their way through complicated menu structures to find the item they want, users simply place a physical object onto the company’s MultiTouch screen and call up its details and additional info. This can be linked to specific media or trigger entire applications, unleashing virtually limitless possibilities. The system can be used to provide customers with detailed product information at the point of sale; multi-media can be linked to miniature museum exhibits to bring them to life; not to mention the exciting new intuitive interaction options this new technology opens up for avid gamers.


eyefactive GmbH (D-22880 Wedel)