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It ain't what you say, it's the way that you say it!

100 Worte Sprachanalyse GmbH is showcasing a way of analyzing the psychology behind texts in real time at CEBIT 2018. The exciting new feature is that it examines how things are said, not just what.

25 Apr. 2018
100Worte Sprachanalyse

Many different features distinguish us from other people, including our behavior, appearance, smell – and certainly our language. Very few of us have probably ever given a second thought to the hidden messages in written texts - that is till now. 100 Worte Sprachanalyse GmbH, a startup from southwestern Germany, is attending CEBIT 2018 in Hannover to showcase its groundbreaking service. It is based on the work of the U.S. social psychologist James W. Pennebaker, whose research revealed that it's precisely the seemingly unimportant "low-level" words, as he calls them, that can reveal the most about someone. The fledgling company is now using this revelation to analyze the psychology behind the language used in texts.

The innovative technology used in the analysis tool developed by 100 Worte can supposedly pick up important personality traits embedded in texts, such as the way authors think along with their mood and needs, in real time. These indicators often remain hidden to regular readers and listeners, as they focus entirely on the message. The aim is to quickly and objectively pinpoint customers' key characteristics, but also to decipher the hidden messages contained in brand statements and even products and to incorporate these in the communications process to achieve positive results.

100 Worte Sprachanalyse GmbH (74076 Heilbronn, Germany), Hall 14, Stand H08