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CEBIT Global Conferences

Interview with Tarif Sayed

Head of VR Technologies, Nokia TECH

08 Feb. 2017
Tarif Sayed
Tarif Sayed

Mr. Sayed, what will your talk at the CeBIT Global Conferences be about?

I will be talking about the future of storytelling; I want to give a glimpse of the future of a full immersive experience. I will dive into a discussion on the current technologies and where we need to as an industry to deliver that next generation experience.

What are the next steps VR storytelling has to take? We have already seen quite impressing stories. Technology is developing fast…

You are right. Even with the current technology and tools storytellers can tell a compelling story. The problem is most of the people trying to do VR storytelling have spent their lives experiencing entertainment in a 2D world.

When they develop a story they see it in a frame so their perspective on how tell stories in this new medium needs to evolve.

What do we need to change?

We need to change our point of view for VR capture. As an example, I gave my 8 year, son who never had produced a video in his life, a 360 camera und asked him to film the football game he played with his friends.

He put the camera in a completely different position that no experienced film maker would have chosen. This point of view on capture and filmmaking from someone that isn’t entrenched in a specific thought process, in a specific perspective, is what needs to change for next generation of VR storytellers.

Could you be more concrete? What exactly will be the VR experience of the future?

VR has to make you as a consumer feel as you are present and part of the story they experience. At the moment you still don't feel like you are really there.

For example: When I watch a Football game in Allianz Arena, I will be able to stand up and even walk through the arena. Right now VR doesn't allow you to move and to walk. We need to be inside the football game.

This means: When we capture scenes in the future, we won’t capture only one viewpoint. We will capture many viewpoints, light shades, faces and recreate the world in a full immersive concept.

Will 2017 bring the full breakthrough of VR?

No, I strongly believe it will be 2018. We need a combination of creative people and the technology and it is still the chicken and egg game between the technology and the stories and the mass adoption.

The VR market will grow strongly in 2017, and 2018 it will be a mass concept.

What do you plan to do at CeBIT besides speaking at the CeBIT Global Conferences?

I will walk around and hope I will see some new VR devices that users can really put on their eyes.

What we see in the market is bulky and does not really give a full immersive experience. I believe it will come from someone from Germany or Israel. Those two Countries always have the cutting edge technology.

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