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CEBIT Global Conferences

Interview with Minoru Usui

Minoru Usui is Epson Global President. At CeBIT Global Conferences he will talk about the future of printing and especially about new ways to work more efficient and envrionment friendly.

03 Feb. 2017
Minoru Usui
Minoru Usui, Epson Global President

What will be your speech at CeBIT Global Conferences be about?

I’ll be talking about how technology will impact the workplace of the future and what Epson is doing to ensure that technological change works for the benefit of society. I think it’s going to be interesting so I hope as many people as possible can join us.

Which technological developments are currently most important to you? Which potential do you see in them?

I could talk for ages on this subject! Basically everything we do is aimed at improving efficiency, boosting creativity and making our lives more enjoyable, while also minimizing the environmental impact. At CeBIT you’ll see some of the advances we’ve made in robotics, projection and augmented reality smart glasses.

In particular we’ll be looking at the office and how Epson printing and other technologies will contribute to improving productivity while removing some of the concerns we have about cost and the environment.

What are you most looking forward to personally about your CeBIT visit?

I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of people and explaining some of Epson’s latest products and technologies, and how I believe they will work for the good of society.

Epson PaperLab is your new paper recycling machine for office use. At CeBIT 2017 you will be showcasing Epson PaperLab for the first time outside Japan. Do you think it will become a game changer - and why?

Absolutely. I believe PaperLab has the potential to change the way we look at paper. We all love paper, and this product has the potential to allow us to print as much as we like without worrying about how the impact on the environment.

What is the next big thing in printing technology?

We’ll be making a very important announcement about that at CeBIT. You’ll have to come to our booth to find out what it is!