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Interview with Constance Scholten

“Camarilla offers a private space where users can post photos and videos for their closest friends”

03 Mar. 2017
Constance Scholten

A Dutch-born entrepreneur with twin passions for human behavior and technology, she's the CEO of Camarilla – the self-styled 'world's smallest social network'.

Created in response to the superficiality of mainstream social media, Camarilla offers a private space where users can post photos and videos for their closest friends, with all interactions kept strictly private.

"It's about bonding, instead of performing," explains Scholten, who was voted one of the Netherlands' 50 most inspiring female tech entrepreneurs. "Our hyper-connected world has reduced the time we spend nurturing real friendships. I want to change that."

Scholten, who dropped out of law school to found her first company aged 19, is currently taking her gospel of 'happiness through meaningful connections' across the globe. To date, she's addressed audiences in 11 countries.

And with Camarilla rapidly spreading through over 156 countries – and boasting a user base that includes A-list celebrities, business moguls and even royalty - it looks like the world is taking note.


Dear Constance, please introduce yourself.

At 29 years of age I have been very lucky and have created an entrepreneurial dream life. My name is Constance Scholten, and I'm the CEO of Camarilla, a new app developed in Amsterdam and New York. We're in beta, gaining popularity through over 156 countries at a remarkable rate! Obviously we've tapped into a demand people unconsciously wanted...

And boy, do people love it. Including celebrities. We're getting NBA stars, iconic singers, models, even royalty. In an era of prying eyes, the privacy of Camarilla appeals to them.

What will be your speech at CeBIT Global Conferences be about?

A fulfilled life is built upon strong relationships, right? We've created Camarilla in response to the superficiality of mainstream social media, Camarilla offers a private space where users can post photos and videos for their closest friends, with all interactions kept strictly private.

My talk is about 'resonance', the science of friendship and how that influences our lives. Friendship has shown to be crucial for our happiness and wellbeing.

Something many of us seem to have forgotten how to built strong relationships. My mission is to let us connect again! What does this world need knowing that we won't be using technology less.

What is important for a strong relationship?

A strong relation needs simply two things:

1. Quality time spent together, one-on-one
2. You need to see each other

We all know the challenges of this demanding world and how often we desire to bridge time/space with our closest. Therefore technology serves us.

The talk references to research from the known German Professor Rosa, world known Professor Dunbar en Simon Sinek.

Discover Camarilla for yourself here: Android

Who are the 15 most important people in your Life? And how did you choose them?

You can find Camarilla in every dictionary. It means: the favorites who surround a king. Science shows we all have a Camarilla, also named 'inner circle'. On an average it consist of 12-15 people. People you have built trust with. It's a fact that everyone in the world has a unique circle of people, so everyone is connected with others, than yours.

For me it's my parents, my brother, my partner and a handful of my friends.

A friend I have known since childhood, 3 friends who live abroad - London, New York and Portugal - and through Camarilla I continue connecting in their moments, big or small, even though they are somewhere else. And a few friends, who are very private persons: an International Artist, a Fashion Model and known Entrepreneurs who don't feel like exposing their private lives on open social media.

CeBIT Global Conferences is about the future of technology, but also about Business. So what is your business plan for Camarilla?

Our investor gives us the freedom to create something the world needs: a place for real friendship, where instead of performing, you’re connecting. This can mean so much in todays world. Quiet unique but he was the one who made us promise him, not to focus on a business model in the coming years. He wants us to solely focus on our product. In other words, first we create the world's best product for strong relationships before we think of monetization.

I know it sounds un-Dutch, and it is. But it's the only way to go. It's actually also pretty logic, as we can only underestimate where the world will be -speaking of business models- in 5 years from now.

Why do you think Camarilla had this amazing success by now?

Current social media has grown into the public place to broadcast, and less likely the place to post about your personal life. People are ready for a change from the noise and attention-seeking of mainstream social media.

When everything remains private, you share different stuff. So, instead of performing you're actually connecting. Ego-less. Camarilla tapped into a demand people unconsciously wanted...

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