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Unmanned Systems & Drones

Intel CeBIT Drone Park shows drones in action

Drones are finding their way into more and more commercial applications. UAVs, which employ increasingly sophisticated sensor systems, clearly have a bright future ahead of them, as demonstrated by the Intel CeBIT Drone Park.

22 Feb. 2017
CeBIT 2016 Drones

Hannover. Intel and Deutsche Messe have joined forces to produce an unparalleled live demo showcase at this year's CeBIT in Hannover, Germany. Their objective: to highlight the diverse commercial applications of the latest drone systems. The Intel CeBIT Drone Park at the Hannover Exhibition Center will provide a unique insight into the entire UAV value chain.

"This year more than ever, CeBIT is striving to offer visitors tangible experiences so they can truly grasp the shape of things to come in digitalization," explained Deutsche Messe Managing Board member Oliver Frese. "The Intel CeBIT Drone Park is an excellent case in point. This captivating showcase is designed to highlight the diverse applications for which digitally controlled drones are now being use, as well as the new business opportunities arising from these applications. As one of the key drivers of the Internet of Things, drones are going to play a strategic role in future developments. The drone park is a good example of our commitment to creating special showcases to convey possible applications in an immersive way."

On the open-air site just outside Hall 2, visitors will be able to see drones in a variety of applications, e.g. while surveying a 1:15 scale model of an oil rig and an array of solar collectors. They will also see how the comprehensive data they gather is converted into usable information at a central control station by means of special analysis and visualization tools embedded in the park's powerful server infrastructure.

The results and 3D graphics generated from the drone's raw data are then used to inform decisions – for instance, when the solar plant is next up for maintenance. The Intel CeBIT Drone Park will also demonstrate the intrinsic role of drones in the Internet of Things, and as data-gathering devices for totally new business models. Aerial displays and other demonstrations will highlight the many tasks drones are already capable of, the incredible speed with which drone technology is evolving and how companies can put drones to profitable use in their own operations.

A closely related display at this year's CeBIT is the Unmanned Systems & Solutions showcase, located just a short distance away in Hall 17. There, over 30 exhibitors are presenting their latest advances in drone technology. In addition, CeBIT 2017 will feature an international conference on the latest technological and regulatory developments affecting the drone industry. Last but not least, Hall 17 will also be the venue for a series of captivating drone racing events.

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