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Showcase Intel

Intel and MyOmega revolutionize winegrowing

The creative potential of IoT applications soon becomes clear with TracoVino – the Internet of Things for winemakers with nine million hectares of cropland around the world. Networked sensors provide a detailed insight into the soil and climate conditions in the vineyard.

24 Feb. 2016

The fine difference

Intel und MyOmega Tracovino

Sunshine, water, soil and location (in short known as the terroir) together shape the vine's environment. If sensitive grapes are being cultivated, large variations in the weather conditions can affect the yield and quality of the wine. When combined, these annual variations can mean the difference between producing an average and an outstanding wine. On top of this, global warming is also affecting vine cultivation in several ways: Growing season, yield, grape quality and harmful organisms change as average temperatures increase. It is crucial for winemakers to know which key data are currently prevailing in the vineyard.

Until now, winemakers have simply had to rely on their knowledge of the terroir and their years of experience when it comes to the climate. But with TracoVino, winemakers now have a facts-based, reliable source of information which supports their decision-making and any necessary action they may have to take. TracoVino is a solution based on the MYNXG IoT platform from MyOmega. MYNXG connects the offline world to the Internet. Devices, machines and even vineyards can now communicate with the cloud and the Internet thanks to MYNXG. Like all MYNXG products, TracoVino contains a MYNXG controller and an app for smartphones.

How It works

The solution for winemakers collects data via sensor platforms installed in the vineyard. These sensor platforms record the temperature, air and soil humidity levels, sunlight and light intensity. Extra sensors can be installed at any time to measure leaf wetness, soil pH values and nutrient levels. These energy-independent sensors are powered by solar cells and collect reliable data which they send to the MYNXG controller. Winemakers are then able to access the data on their smartphones at any time. MyOmega has developed LTE platform cloud services and secure network connections based on the Intel XMMTM 7160.

TracoVino communicates securely with the Internet via the cellular network, the existing Wi-Fi connection or Ethernet infrastructure. Thanks to cloud-based applications, winemakers are able to access forecasts for the condition of the vineyard, potential pest infestation or the expected quality and quantity of the wine at any time, and take suitable action.

Hall 2, Booth B30: Experience Intel and MyOmega revolutionizing winegrowing with the Internet of Things – including a real vineyard and wine tasting!

The most important feature of the MYNXG is its usability. By simply clicking on any given sensor in the TracoVino app, winemakers are able to retrieve all of the information easily and fuss-free and can then view a visual representation of the results. Winemakers can quickly locate the measuring points by viewing the maps and satellite photos provided. Data processes are shown on the screen in a user-friendly way and provide detailed information of the current and past conditions present in the vineyard.