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I'm still too loose! The smart screw that thinks!

Thanks to its smart machine components such as "Screw 4.0", Bremen-based startup Sensosurf is taking process information to the next level to shine a light on the "blind spots" in production.

01 Jun. 2018
Sensosurf Screw 4.0

Established in 2016, Sensosurf primarily develops smart machine components for predictive maintenance applications by integrating sensors directly into standard machine elements such as bearings, levers, guides and threaded rods. The startup combines suitable electronics with a specially modified IoT framework to ensure consistently high and scalable data quality for machine learning applications. That means customers can access specific information about their components, machines and processes that is tailored to their requirements. A team headed by the company’s founder Dr. Cord Winkelmann is now using CEBIT 2018 in Hannover to tell the world all about its "Screw 4.0".

The term describes a standard threaded rod that Sensosurf has turned into a smart Industry 4.0 component by integrating robust sensor elements. Combined with miniaturized reader electronics, “Screw 4.0” helps users during assembly work - which incidentally is no different from usual - by providing information on the necessary tightening torque. Further down the line, the sensors supply data on the loss of preload, breakages in the rod or nuts and mechanical stresses cause by installed components. The system is surprisingly easy to configure and commission, while captured data can also be visualized in a range of different ways. Sensosurf believes its "Screw 4.0" is ideal for use in wind power plants, turbines, generators, oil and gas plants and custom machinery.


Sensosurf GmbH (28359 Bremen, Germany), Hall 27, Stand D51

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