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I’ll take a New York Times, two Hersheys and one to enter the country!

Essen-based secunet Security Networks AG is at CeBIT 2017 to celebrate the launch of a Smart Border Kiosk that will help speed up border checks in the future.

11 Mar. 2017
Secunet Security Smart-Borders-Kiosk

While achievements such as the Schengen Agreement once stoked dreams of freedom of movement without borders, that euphoria has since been replaced with pragmatic disillusionment. Passengers from non-EU countries in particular often need a lot of patience when it comes to flying in and out of EU countries. There is a huge amount of data that needs to be recorded and checked and that takes a lot of time, not to mention input from border control officers. With passenger numbers continuously rising, the situation is only getting more difficult. To help ease things a little in the future, secunet Security Networks AG has developed a terminal that it is unveiling at CeBIT 2017 in Hannover.

Dubbed the secunet easykiosk, the terminal will be able to securely automate the most time-consuming aspect of border controls. Passengers simply enter all the necessary data independently and quickly on the new self-service terminal before stepping up to the actual border control counter. Everyone benefits from secunet easykiosk – border control officers will see a higher passenger throughput and improved security level, passengers will enjoy shorter waiting times and a convenient and transparent arrival and departure process, while airport operators will benefit from more efficient passenger handling processes and improved service levels for travelers.


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