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Digital Office - ECM / Input / Output

I'd forgotten what you looked like, daddy!

Intrexx, from Freiburg-based United Planet GmbH, is a collaboration software solution geared toward one of the headline topics at CeBIT 2017 - the digital workplace.

12 Mar. 2017
United Planet Workplace solutions

Are you a highly skilled specialist at your company, but you've decided to live in the countryside, away from the city? Perhaps you want your kids to grow up in a healthy environment, or you're sick and tired of the hustle and bustle of the big smoke? How do you reconcile all that without wasting years of your life commuting? Questions about the workplace of the future are taking center stage at CeBIT 2017 in Hannover. What will this workplace look like? Where will it be? And how can we best balance business interests with personal freedom? A study carried out in December 2016 highlighted the importance of these questions. Indeed, 29.1 percent of all the companies interviewed agreed that the digital workplace is the most important IT topic for 2017. Freiburg-based software house United Planet is at CeBIT 2017 to show how companies can use its innovative portal software Intrexx to design workplaces that will benefit their employees and thus benefit their bottom line, too.

Fundamentally, there is a general agreement that a workplace - perhaps paradoxically - need not be tied down to one specific place. Thanks to digital channels of communication, information is available virtually everywhere in real time. In fact, even face-to-face video meetings between fellow team members have long since stopped being anything out of the ordinary. The digital workplace is already here. However, combining all parties - both man and machine - into one efficient, functioning and sometimes location-independent unit requires a solution that can pull together all the various strands. Intrexx is intuitive portal software that can be used to map all business processes in web applications, simplify them and automate them. The flow of information is greatly improved, both between people and between software programs. Intrexx ensures all staff have all the information they need, wherever they are and whatever the time, which considerably simplifies and speeds up day-to-day work.