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Digitale Transformation

IBM Voyage of Discovery in 360 Degrees

CeBIT 2017 has opened its doors and IBM is welcoming its guests in Hall 2 at stand A10. If you let your glance rove over the IBM stand, you will find yourself once again in the cognitive age. The exhibits represent the interaction between computing, cloud and cognitive and are waiting to be discovered.

20 Mar. 2017 Source: IBM Sponsored Post by IBM

Hello, my name is Watson

The voyage of discovery over the IBM stand starts here, and already the first glance is revealing: this year, a great deal at IBM is about Watson and cognitive computing. Under the banner "Discover Watson", there is a BMWi8, as well as the self-driving minibus Olli.

Thanks to Watson, Olli’s passengers can talk to the minibus and receive information about the journey and tips about their surroundings. On the other side, a fancy dress attracts your attention in a glass cabinet. With the help of a Watson API, the sown-on LED lights react to emotions on social media and plunge the "Cognitive Dress" into a changing, atmospheric world of color.

Cognitive technologies take off

A black grid and whirring noises steer your view to a world we remember from childhood. A drone is circling over a Lego city. Together with the drone manufacturer DJI, IBM is demonstrating how pictures from a birds-eye view help to make road traffic easier to oversee and safer.

The picture data are analyzed using cognitive Watson technology in order to rapidly identify traffic situations and send help automatically. The panorama view shows us the way to the "Cognitive Business und Expertise" areas, where visitors learn how start-ups and established companies can develop new business models using Watson.

Transparent and secure - the Blockchain

With the luminous blockchain, IBM symbolizes which roles technology will very soon play in the secure and transparent implementation of processes. The subject of the blockchain is surrounded by other security topics such as Watson for Cyber Security and cognitive infrastructure. In addition, the unfamiliar spelling clouD reveals that, for IBM, this issue also concerns the specific significance of the local cloud from Germany for Germany. Opposite, to conclude the IBM voyage of discovery, the caption "Cognitive Ways to Work" invites you to work creatively.

In the inspirational seating area with sofa und bar tables, IBM explains how today’s working environment can be achieved independently of location, thanks to mobile devices and offices that can be configured flexibly.

IBM | Hall 2 | Stand A10

If you would like to learn more about the limitless world of IBM Watson, make an appointment here . IBM is looking forward to your CeBIT visit in Hall 2 at stand A10 and wishes you an inspirational and illuminating voyage.