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New Tech & Disruptive Technologies

How technology gets under our skin

Cyborgs are becoming an ever bigger buzzword. As part of the process of digital transformation, the trend towards biohacking – the addition of technical body enhancements – appears to be unstoppable. But what is actually behind these "Dangerous Things"?

01 Feb. 2016

There are a number of synonyms for the phenomenon: the term "cyborg" describes a mixture of living organism and machine – a human machine, so to speak. In bioengineering, the human body is combined with various technical elements.

An example of such a combination consists of planting a chip the size of a rice kernel between the thumb and index finger. Appropriately, this year’s CeBIT Global Conferences will feature Amal Graafstra , the founder of Dangerous Things and Dr. Patrick Kramer , the founder of digiwell. Together, they will elucidate the world of biohacking and even implant chips onsite in the hands of budding cyborgs. This procedure is comparable to the experience of visiting a piercing studio.


If you’re thinking that being the target of such a procedure could turn you into a protagonist in a science fiction film – well, you’re not far off. That’s because the chips can be viewed as "mobile data carriers", allowing you for example to open your front door without a key. If you think about the dimensions that could emanate from this, the process of digital transformation turns into a long-term, exciting experiment. Soon we can forget about having to lug key chains around; even locksmiths will need to get used to servicing "eKeys". And another "new door" will be opened to you at the supermarket checkout counter, as future cyborgs will be able to pay for their purchases without even needing a PIN number or a credit/debit card – all they’ll need is their hand.

In short, a visit to the CeBIT Global Conferences 2016 can be highly recommended – particularly if you want to find out more about future lifestyle scenarios. Are you still skeptical about cyborgs? Come and let the experts win you over!