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How Steve Jobs ran successful meetings

Steve Jobs was likely one of the world's most influential entrepreneurs. Here we share what you can learn from him about meetings.

12 Apr. 2016 Kim Rixecker
Teaser 4 Steve Jobs
Even when it comes to meetings, we have something to learn from Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. (Photo: Featureflash Photo Agency /

Steve Jobs as a startup founder

Hardly any business founder has had such a profound influence on the tech world as Steve Jobs . But his journey was not without setbacks. In 1985, after an internal power struggle, Jobs lost Apple , the company he had helped create, and launched a new computer firm, NeXT Computer. NeXT was then acquired by Apple in 1996, and shortly thereafter Jobs became the CEO of the same company he had left just 10 years earlier.

While NeXT would never have the success achieved by the Apple brand, we can still learn something from this period. The YouTube channel EverySteveJobsVideo, for example, has a fascinating TV report from 1985, where we see Steve Jobs during the time he was founding his second computer company. Glimpses of one of the company's first meetings are especially interesting.

What we can learn from Steve Jobs about meetings

Steve Jobs was a born salesman. As we can see in the video, he also used this gift in meetings , to convince his employees of his vision. Many entrepreneurs could learn from his example, because if you are not passionate about your own vision, you can hardly convince someone else of it.

The price discussion is also interesting. Here we can see how Jobs very clearly holds fast to his priorities for the planned product. But what is even more important is that Jobs explains to his employees why the price that was set is so crucial to the product's success. That is the only way the whole team can work towards a common goal.

It is also interesting to see how Jobs focuses on the positive at the end of the meeting, and talks about the work already accomplished. Developing and marketing a new product is a long and arduous process, where there are always setbacks to deal with. You should take the time to highlight progress and accomplishments, so that this difficult journey does not erode the team's motivation.