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Unmanned Systems & Drones

Hover Camera: Cutting-edge drones for the selfie generation

Is it a flying book or a VHS tape? No, it is a drone with an edge – it follows you everywhere once you toss it up in the air. The Hover Camera is the drone for the "selfie generation."

20 Oct. 2016 Andreas Floemer
The Hover Camera has four protected rotors and a 13-megapixel camera. (Photo: Zero Zero)

Hover Camera: More camera than drone

The Hover Camera does not look like a conventional drone or quadrotor, but more like a large book with louvers. Yet it weighs in at just 240 grams, and when you open it up, activate it and toss it in the air, there it hovers before you. The integrated 13 megapixel camera with optical image stabilizer uses algorithms to recognize faces.

Unlike the Phantom 4 from DJI or the Lily Camera, the Hover Camera is not able to fly at great heights, but is designed instead to film the user from nearby. No GPS is used for this, just the camera. Faces and other image recognition technologies such as Sonar help to keep it on task. The main camera is supplemented by an additional camera attached to one side and directed downward.

Hover Camera should cost less than USD 600

A smartphone app is used to guide the Hover Camera, by selecting the object to be followed. A Snapdragon 801 processor like those used in the 2014 Samsung Galaxy S5 provides the computing power to run the sensors and cameras.

According to Zero Zero the quadrotor is still under development. Among other things, they are currently working on minimizing flight noise by reducing the rotor rotation speed before its market launch – currently planned for the end of this year. Using over-the-air updates, the Hover Camera should also get smarter over time. The price for the Hover Camera has not yet been announced, but at somewhere under USD 600 it may not fit every budget.