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Digital Health

Heals on wheels

The Mobile Care Center equipped by Ipexhealth contains extensive diagnostic equipment and all the rooms you’d expect at a medical practice. The bus can be used for both preventive health measures in companies and providing primary medical care to remote communities.

7 days ago
IpexHealth Mobile Care Center

The new CEBIT concept focuses on the following five topics - mobility, public sector, retail, capital market and health. Digital health, for example, is leaping to the fore, promising a stream of exciting developments as 5G is rolled out in Germany. But even prior to that, various projects are already springing up that would hardly have been conceivable without existing advances in digitization. A medical bus equipped by Ipexhealth is a prime example of state-of-the-art healthcare - aimed at improving primary medical care in sparsely populated regions or helping companies promote a healthy workforce.

The Mobile Care Center is a fully fledged diagnostic unit with changing, examination and consultation rooms housed in an articulated bus. It is currently available in two versions - either 12 or 18.5 meters long. Among other things, the buses are equipped with the Ipexhealth KIOSK - a modular unit containing a choice of medical equipment for professionally recording biodata. For example, the version aimed at occupational health is designed for efficiently conducting preventive check-ups on company premises. The bus is sure to find favor with employers, who will undoubtedly welcome the prospect of - quite literally - rolling occupational health and safety management and the sector-specific health checks required by professional bodies into one.

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