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Hacking Maneuver/Live-Hacking – attack and digital self-defense

A hacking maneuver with two teams represents the most advanced method of performing intrusion and penetration testing today. During several daily live hacking sessions there will be demonstrated attack and defense on a company network. The Red team takes on the role of the hackers and excutes common attack scenarios on one monitor. On the second monitor, the Blue team reacts to these attacks and demonstrates possibilities of digital self defense.

14 Feb. 2017
Source: indevis
Source: indevis

The indevis partner NSIDE Attack Logic GmbH presents three times a day an innovative way of live hacking: in a hacking maneuver there will be demonstrated at 11:00 am, 13:00 pm, 15:00 pm attack and defense on a company network.

A hacking maneuver with two teams represents the most advanced method of performing intrusion and penetration testing today. During the live hacking sessions at the indevis stand, visitors can get an idea of the current cyber security threats and how such a security assessment could be executed in their own company.

The penetration tests during a real hacking maneuver are carried out by highly qualified and experienced IT Security Analysts of NSIDE ATTACKLOGIC GmbH. The penetration tests evaluate the effectiveness of the safety measures of a company and identify vulnerabilities. The aim of the hacking maneuver is to reveal as many vulnerabilities as possible and to find out how and by what means the IT security team of a company reacts to such attacks. Every hacking maneuver is, of course, carried out only after a detailed analysis and consultation with the customer.

With the help of a hacking maneuver, there are more realistic statements possible about the general security situation in a company compared to tests of only specific parts of the IT infrastructure. For a truly effective penetration test, it is therefore indispensable to advise the customer in advance and determine what tests are actually needed during a hacking maneuver to protect their "crown jewels" (sensitive company data).

Examples of NSIDE penetration tests are:

  • Online Shops / Web Portals / Online Banking before the Go-Live
  • Cash Machines (ATMs) and Self-service Units
  • IT Products and Embedded Systems
  • Terminal environments for a defined user group
  • Mobile Devices like iPhones, iPads or Android Devices
  • Mobile Apps für iOS und Android
  • Telecommunication equipment
  • Voice-over-IP (VoIP) Solutions
  • Wireless environment / Implementations

After a hacking maneuver, indevis is ready to resolve the discovered vulnerabilities by means of its comprehensive portfolio of IT security solutions and services.