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Hackers under pressure

CeBIT 2015 hosts the official launch of "Project Honey Train", a long-term analysis devised by Sophos and Koramis to get inside cyber criminals' minds.

08 Mar. 2015

Cyber security has become something of a universal headline at CeBIT 2015 in Hannover. It's a subject that is relevant to every other key theme at the trade fair – be that { "href" : "http://", "vLink" : false, "text" : "digital transformation", "target" : "_blank", "tracking" : null , "vTrackingFooter" : null } , { "href" : "http://", "vLink" : false, "text" : "big data", "target" : "_blank", "tracking" : null , "vTrackingFooter" : null } , the { "href" : "http://", "vLink" : false, "text" : "Internet of Things", "target" : "_blank", "tracking" : null , "vTrackingFooter" : null } or mobility. To keep up with the breathtaking pace of change in these technologies, the developers working on security solutions have to find new ways to gain an edge in the never-ending struggle between hackers and IT security providers. And to do this, they really need to get inside the heads of cyber criminals. "Honeypot" traps for hackers are proving increasingly successful at delivering insights into the dark side of the force.

Sophos GmbH from Wiesbaden intends to go one step further. Together with Koramis, the specialist for industrial { "href" : "http://", "vLink" : false, "text" : "IT security", "target" : "_blank", "tracking" : null , "vTrackingFooter" : null } , Sophos is launching "Project Honey Train", which simulates the unprotected control system of a public transport facility, in this case a rail network. The project is set up to allow experts to observe and analyze hackers as they seek to break in and compromise the system. What makes this project different is that the scenario is transferred directly to a small model railway so that the effects can be visualized without putting anyone in any actual danger. The data collected over the course of this long-term study should ultimately provide a comprehensive analysis of hacker strategies and thus help optimize the prerequisites for cyber security.

{ "href" : "", "vLink" : false, "text" : "Sophos GmbH", "target" : "", "tracking" : null , "vTrackingFooter" : null } (65189 Wiesbaden, Germany), Hall 6, Stand D18

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