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Give the data kraken the middle tentacle

Four graduates from Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg are at CeBIT 2016 to show how their project "Sengi IT" is set to put a stop to Big Brother.

29 Feb. 2016

In his book "1984", George Orwell describes a society where every single citizen is being watched by the authorities at all times. The dictatorship’s surveillance mechanisms – “Big Brother" - are everywhere, tracking citizens through every intimate detail of their lives. In th" modern world, when we so often find ourselves having to give out our personal details here, there and everywhere, you could be forgiven for thinking that fiction has become fact. Indeed, there are more than a few people who willingly surrender to this dubious scenario, not least out of some need for protection - after all, Big Brother should keep an eye out for terrorists, too. Even more people, however, have had enough of handing over all their private information to anonymous institutions without any control over what happens to it.

Four graduates from Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg are firmly in the latter group – and they are at the world’s largest trade fair for information technology to show how IT users can win back control of their personal data. The four friends are at CeBIT in Hannover to exhibit their project, Sengi IT, which will in future help protect everyone’s digital identity and boast a whole host of additional features – prompting the uni-leavers to dub 4 July 2016 the new Independence Day. It sounds very impressive and exciting – and more than a few CeBIT visitors will want to find out whether Hall 6 could harbor the beginnings of a little revolution.

Martin-Luther-Universität, Halle-Wittenberg (06108 Halle, Germany), Hall 6, Stand B24, Topic: Research for the future