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Mobile Solutions

German Rock Legend Peter Maffay supports Kid Protection – with an App

Peter Maffay has campaigned for better child protection for years – and is now harnessing smartphones to the cause. In cooperation with developers at migardo GmbH he has launched an app on the market that promises help at the touch of a button.

13 Jan. 2015
Tabaluga App

Just like in a fairytale: a small hero is threatened by evil powers and only the touch of a magic screen can summon the help of friends, family and passersby. In an age of smartphones and tablets, when grade-school kids have more technical know-how than many adults, this fairytale is about to become reality. Emergency call apps have already been available in Apple and Google stores for quite some time, but TABALUGA SOS may be the first that was specially designed for the youngest of users.

"I want the people who are closest to me to always be safe,"
says Peter Maffay, the creator of Tabaluga.

And this app is apparently just the beginning, as the principle behind TABALUGA SOS is to be more than a mere digital cry for help.

Rescues based on an "emergency profile"

"We want to develop products that can guarantee the safety of people of all ages on a day-to-day basis – products which will increase the quality of life and yet remain affordable. The basic idea for this is an SOS button, which can summon help in emergency situations around the clock," says Johanna Rothmann, Managing Director of Hannover-based migardo GmbH. Each user sets up their own "emergency profile" at migardo, including info on their medical history or emergency contacts. This information is forwarded to rescue services as soon as the emergency button is pressed so that rescue teams will have the information they need before they arriving at the site.

This emergency profile is also the basis for TABALUGA SOS; however, there is also another function: geofencing. Using this function, parents can find out exactly where their children are at any point in time. For example: the app sends a message when the son has arrived at his destination or alerts them if he has left the prescribed path. "TABALUGA SOS allows parents to make the conscious decision to know where their child is as soon as possible in emergency situations," says Rothmann.

Peter Maffay at CeBIT Global Conferences

But the developers are expecting even more from the app. "We want to encourage families to examine the issue of safety and how to behave in emergency situations, to talk to their children about it and develop family routines jointly to ensure everyone stays safe," explains Rothmann.

Peter Maffay sees his fairytale dragon as a protector of the small and weak. "Tabaluga is a symbol for interacting with each other the right way, for friendship, for trust, but also for help. Help for those who need help," says Maffay.