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Gartner publishes hype cycle for cloud security

Expectations of new technology follow a cycle, according to a report published by US market research institute Gartner. At present, the hype for Key Management as a Service is approaching its peak, while software-defined perimeters are already on their way down.

20 Sep. 2017
Source: Gartner
(Graphic: Gartner)

Gartner regularly publishes charts that describe the hype cycle on the launch of new technology. The latest chart shows the cycle curve for cloud security . According to this chart, Key Management as a Service (KMaaS) and data loss prevention (DLP) for mobile devices are approaching the peak of expectations, while disillusion is already setting in for cloud data protection gateways. Technologies like identity proofing services and cloud testing tools and services are now considered realistic.

According to Gartner, responses to new technologies consistently follow a similar pattern. Ever-higher and therefore inflated expectations come about as the result of extensive reporting on innovations. There follows a steep descent and, at the same time, reporting tails off. At the lowest point, disillusion gives way to a realistic assessment of the relevant advantages and disadvantages. The final phase is a level at which the new technology is productively utilized and further developed. The most famous example of a hype cycle is the Internet, with the dot-com bubble at the peak, followed by a disastrous fall.