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Frustration a Security Risk

Andreas Bertram, Chief Commissioner of Germany's Intelligence Service, spoke at the China Convention about sabotage and data theft within companies.

17 Mar. 2015

He started off by joking around, as he showed an austere picture of his workplace surrounded by a security fence: "Most people believe it’s not so easy to get inside. But I say, it's not so easy to get out." At CeBIT's China Convention, he shared insight gained from his many years of experience in investigative work. The majority of offences against organizations are committed by frustrated employees. "No one starts out at a company thinking, I'll steal critical data", said Bertram. The intent often comes about after many years of frustration and disappointment. Only then does the employee commit an offence. So employee motivation is also a security issue – and the best protection is a satisfied workforce.

Germany's intelligence service offers advice and information for businesses seeking support. Bertram calls it a "pre-paid service provider" – since we’ve technically all already funded it.