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Cloud Applications

Fraunhofer has the key to locking the cloud

During CeBIT 2016, the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology (SIT) is exhibiting OmniCloud, a solution to help companies back up sensitive data in cloud storage services, too.

14 Feb. 2016

Industrial espionage has reached a new peak and many companies have grave reservations about entrusting their development and business data to an external data storage service – even despite the undisputed benefits that modern cloud services offer. Recent revelations about spying attacks have dealt yet another blow to confidence in cloud computing. During these attacks, data is siphoned off at central points on the Internet or even directly from the cloud supplier. It is understandable that companies see this as an acute risk to their intellectual property and their ability to compete in bidding processes. During CeBIT 2016 in Hannover, the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology (SIT) is exhibiting OmniCloud, a solution that will help ensure companies can use cloud storage services securely.

OmniCloud is an internal software solution that companies install on their computers so that they can encrypt data that is to be backed up before transferring it securely and efficiently to the cloud. During this process, OmniCloud also identifies multiple copies of files and ensures that only one copy is backed up, which usually results in significant cost and time savings. Since OmniCloud has been designed from the start to support cooperation between any application/backup software and cloud storage service, companies can change their cloud supplier at any time, without having to convert their own back-up systems as a result.

Fraunhofer-Institut für Sichere Informationstechnologie SIT (64295 Darmstadt, Germany), Hall 6, Stand B36, Topic: Fraunhofer Gesellschaft e.V.