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Fingers on buzzers, please!

timeBuzzer GmbH is exhibiting a gadget of the same name at the pavilion for young, innovative companies at CeBIT 2017, a device that offers a fun way to take care of the tedious task of day-to-day time tracking.

23 Mar. 2017
TimeBuzzer Zeiterfassung

Logging working time is no simple matter. Most staff find it an irritating task, especially when it has to be done in small chunks throughout the day and feels distinctly like a form of supervision that is rooted in mistrust. Then again, like so many inconveniences, it is also something of a necessary evil. When staff are juggling a number of projects or clients throughout the day, it is only fair that the customer’s bills are based on accurate records. What’s more, time tracking can also often help staff improve their time management skills, to everyone’s benefit. All the same, the process of logging working time has always been problematic, even based on the logistics alone. For example, the process itself can take up a disproportionate amount of valuable time, while retrospective entries lead to inaccurate figures and bills. All in all, a lot gets overlooked. However, all that is set to change for good! timeBuzzer from the young startup of the same name is a solution that is sure to find favor – and it’s on show at CeBIT 2017 in Hannover.

Once the timeBuzzer app has been installed on their computers, employees can use their buzzer – not too dissimilar to the iDrive of a BMW – to navigate their time tracking tasks quickly and with ease. In fact, turning and pressing the buzzer is actually quite fun and therefore encourages staff to record their time consistently. In the end, everyone can finally say goodbye to that last-minute panic shortly before the weekend, when the realization dawns that all those neglected time logs need to be written up. timeBuzzer thus keeps employees relaxed as they end their working week and generates added savings for companies. Thanks to custom templates, times can be recorded for projects, customers, cost items or any other kind of categorization. All the times for a particular team are consolidated in the timeBuzzer cloud, where they await evaluation. It is even possible to link the system up with third-party solutions such as project management systems, accounting programs and industry solutions.