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ERP & HR Solutions

Filter the haystack with business intelligence

Your company has mountains of data – but how can you leverage its inherent sales potential? Modern ERP solutions provide the answers.

03 Mar. 2016

The mountain of digital data grows from day to day. According to the International Data Corporation it will expand forty to fifty times between 2010 and 2020. This would equal around six terabytes of information saved on every human being on the planet – the equivalent of three million books. Filtering this to find data useful for one's own company or project is like looking for a needle in a haystack – one, however, that might just be made of gold.

According to Trovarit AG, business intelligence, big data and smart data are new technologies that are brought to the table when large amounts of data need to be structured in order to make them useful for anyone at any time. Modern business intelligence solutions provide the opportunity to unite data from different systems – both internal and external – to identify correlations and new relationships. In the end, this means realizing a uniform, valid smart data and business intelligence 3.0 data base – a "single source of truth".

At the CeBIT ERP Forum (Hall 5, Stand F04) Dr. Siegmund Priglinger, Head of the Trovarit Competence Center's Business Intelligence, is providing orientation to professional users as they move from "traditional BI" to "smart data". His presentation "Smart Data and Business Intelligence 3.0" will begin at 10:30 a.m. on March 18. In addition, Priglinger will answer visitor questions regarding the selection of business intelligence solutions on Thursday and Friday at the Trovarit AG stand (Hall 5, Stand G16).

During CeBIT, Trovarit AG is focusing on information and solutions dealing with ERP at the " ERP Park " in Hall 5. CeBIT visitors who are thinking about BI solutions can find direction during special Guided Tours organized by Trovarit. The tours, led by Dr. Siegmund Priglinger, give visitors insight into possible applications for BI solutions. Participation in these Guided Tours is free for visitors to the trade show; interested parties should register beforehand. The tours will meet at the Trovarit stand, Hall 5, G16.

The tour heads for exhibition stands by Cosmo Consult SSC AG, abas Software AG and arubainformatik GmbH. These three BI providers explain how data consolidation works, the purpose of which is to make company data in the form of contacts, offers and contracts transparent to all employees. Ad-hoc reporting is also a topic addressed by these providers. This reporting tool makes it possible to generate individual evaluations using various criteria such as the specified period, division, line of goods and customer groups.

At the abas stand (Hall 5, Stand C18), live demos, haptic presentations and videos will demonstrate to tour participants how robots communicate with ERP systems and at what point one can begin talking about Industry 4.0. In addition, the Karlsruhe company will present its software version 2016 with a new business intelligence system that animates the potential, risks and business developments in photorealistic films. Another version is furnished with new middleware that simplifies the conversion of Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things concepts. This is a state-of-the-art web interface that enables the exchange of data between the abas ERP system and other tools, data cockpits, and even machines in real-time.

At the ERP Forum 2016 providers of ERP solutions cater to digital business processes such as Industry 4.0, smart services, and omnichannel marketing and retailing. In presentations and panel discussions with users and independent experts, they will discuss how business software can be deployed in order to meet digital challenges. A highlight in the afternoons on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday is the ERP Challenge where two software providers are pitted against each other and have to run through a given business process with the aid of their ERP system.

INTEC International GmbH is providing another highlight in Hall 5. At Stand A05 it will demonstrate how older machines and installations can communicate with IT. Together with the SAP system vendor ITML GmbH and the printer manufacturer German RepRap GmbH, INTEC is showcasing a gateway with management and security functions that makes the transformation to digital sensible and affordable for mid-sized companies. In this showcase visitors select a product in the web shop that goes through the production process and is then specially manufactured with a 3D printer.