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Digital Office - ECM / Input / Output

Everything is possible, but what is permitted? ECM digitalizes economy

At the CeBIT ECM Forum, directly opposite the ECM Solutions Park, Bitkom and Deutsche Messe will be presenting and discussing some of the latest themes and trends under the title of 'ECM digitalizes economy.'

20 May. 2015

TR-ESOR, eIDAS, GoBD, GoBIT, GDPdU, FAIT3, RESISCAN, ZUGFeRD, electronic signatures … there are numerous laws, guidelines, and standards that have to be obeyed when gathering and archiving documents – and they're forever changing. At BITKOM, it is the ECM Compliance working group that involves itself with matters of this kind. "In the language of business, compliance refers to adhering to laws and guidelines in companies as well as self-imposed codes," explains BITKOM. All ECM Compliance relies on auditability. "The main compliance requirements in ECM include regularity and completeness, protection against modification and falsification, safeguarding against loss, the maintenance of mandatory storage periods, traceability, and the ability to be tested," states the organization. Its working group is currently applying itself to new national, European, and international regulations, to compliance in e-mail management, to data privacy in electronic document storage, and to more besides.

One active member of the Compliance working group is the Bochum-based ECM provider windream: "Auditability and legal conformity are things we consider essential even in the development phase," says windream Press Spokesman Dr. Michael Duhme. "But we also have our software assessed by an independent firm of attorneys who specialize in the legal evaluation of IT systems." According to that firm's report, windream allows you to properly archive "legally affective electronic declarations and documents in compliance with the principles of commercial and tax law." This, they explain, also assures the quality of archived documents as evidence.

windream will be presenting the new major release 6.0 of their EMC system at CeBIT 2015. "windream 6.0 is different from the previous version 5.5 not just technologically but also functionally," says Michael Dume. The new version is Unicode-compatible, which means documents and e-mails containing Russian, Chinese, or other characters can be stored in it. Annotations created in windream DocView can be made available to other users in real time. The research application now has its own intelligent search navigator. windream is also presenting a completely new version of its document-capturing software, windream Imaging 6. The windream Web Portal and windream long-term archive have also been updated.

'Everything’s allowed – or is it forbidden?' That is the title of a session at the CeBIT ECM Forum 2015, which will be dealing with standards and compliance. Which guidelines are relevant to whom, which are mandatory, and which are intended merely as well-meaning advice? These questions will be pursued by the forum on one of the five theme days.

Another theme is 'Mobile makes it possible.' More and more people working in companies wish to be able to access all the information they need regardless of where they are and what time it may be. Mobile scanning, online and offline access to documents, approval of invoices, requests for leave submitted away from the office – people expect all of these things from the next generation of ECM solutions.

Stuttgart-based company ELO will be demonstrating at CeBIT the possibilities mobile ECM already offers. Their latest version of the 'ELO9 for Mobile Devices' app is available for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry, and does more than just provide access to archives. According to ELO spokesman Tobias Bumm it also allows you to initiate workflows while on the move, participate in them, and hold discussions using ELO Feed. Furthermore, you can create documents from the app using its photo function and place scan results from other apps in the ELO archive. Data can also be imported from cloud programs. ELO, however, does not have plans to connect directly to a cloud service.

CeBIT ECM Forum (Hall 3, Booth B06)

At the CeBIT ECM Forum, directly opposite the ECM Solutions Park, Bitkom and Deutsche Messe will be presenting and discussing some of the latest themes and trends under the title of ‘ECM digitalizes economy.’

  • 'Working in practice' – digital files and other application examples
  • 'Making invoices count' – optimizing invoice processing in ECM systems
  • 'Mobile makes it possible' – mobile scanning, availability of information from anywhere, and optimized approval processes
  • 'Let's mail' – internal processes and collaboration
  • 'Knowledge in / knowledge out' – input and output management in document management systems
  • 'Everything’s allowed – or is it forbidden?' – standards and compliance in ECM

Guided Tours

BITKOM – Germany's Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications, and New Media – is increasing its involvement in the enterprise content management (ECM) area at CeBIT 2015. As well as a shared booth, the ECM Solutions Park (Hall 3 I B17), and the CeBIT ECM Forum (Hall 3 I B06) run in collaboration with Deutsche Messe, BITKOM is now running the first ever guided tours on this theme. These tours will be available from Tuesday, March 17, to Thursday, March 19, daily from 9.15 a.m. until 11.45 a.m. They begin and end at the ECM Solutions Park. In parallel with the content offered at the CeBIT ECM Forum, six theme tours will enable you to find out everything about the subject of ECM: (Attention: Only in German available)

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