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eInvoicing live!

On their stand the three e-government experts MACH, Materna and the Bundesdruckerei present their vision for a fully integrated platform for the purchase to pay process. Due to the European directive on electronic invoicing in public procurement and the German e-invoicing law, dated December 2016, German contracting authorities have to accept and process e-invoices starting November 2018.

15 Feb. 2017

Digital Transformation auf the whole invoicing process in public administration

Mach Folie Gemeinschaftsstand

The Public Administration has to do more work while having less budget. That results in high pressure to reduce costs and time effort. A way to deal with this, is to develop processes towards digital an automatic processes. … the procurement an invoicing process has big potential for rationaliziation.

Due to the European … 2014/55/EU … electronic invoicing with public orders and the national einvoicing law on federational level, dated 1 dezember 2016, the first public … are supposed to accept and process einvoices until 27 november 2018. They want to create an ongoing, consistent an … process from the order to the payement. This shall help economy an public administrations to facilitate, standardize and speed up.

On the way to electronic invoicing workflows, diferrent basic elements are needed. Theses are presented in one conept on the … stand “digital government” in hall 7, by the solution experts MACH, Materna and Bundesdruckerei.

At the one side the showcase shows the whole invoincing process, beginning with den validation auf the data after transfer from the document, over the …. To the payment in the finance system (ERP). Here MACH shows its solution, which is about to be implemented in 31 projects.

At the other side, Materna and Bundesdruckerei present their solutions all over einvoicing. Concepts for a central platform an services will be explained – to support processes an avoid media breaks.

From this integrated … the experts will focus on need …., the procurement and order process with all the aspects of order confirmation, delivery notice, invoicing, FREIGABE and payment. There included is also the automatic posting and format adapting of the invoice.

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