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Edward Snowden: Learn magic!

The second day of CeBIT Global conferences was packed with highlights. The most anticipated: an exclusive interview with Edward Snowden.

22 Mar. 2017
Snowden CGC1

Edward Snowden was clear in his statement: "Would I do it again? Yes, yes, yes!" he said about his disclosure of the NSA files in 2013. And he was surprised: "This isn't the interview I expected," he told Brent Goff; who asked a lot questions provided by the audience at CeBIT Global Conferences. And at the end it even got a bit emotional, when Snowden openly commented, "I'm in love. I am with the love of my life."

We even got some magic. When Brent Goff asked Snowden what he would tell young children today. "Learn magic.2 He clarified: "New technology is always like magic. Learn to use it in ways it wasn't intended to be used."

Asked about his own role in the past few years Snowden said: "There's still no evidence that my disclosures did any harm" and "It was never about me". He once again denied that he has been an operative of a foreign intelligence service. "Not even the NSA says that I am a foreign spy," he said, and named former officials of the US intelligence community.

"We are living in the Golden Age of surveillance," Snowden said, and talked about the various methods to hack and monitor people all around the world. Besides his role in disclosing the global surveillance by the NSA, he won’t be able to fix the system. "I'm not qualified. But the global community is." One thing that could help would be "making the cost of compromising data higher than the value of the data", Snowden said.

And yes, he would like to go back to the US. "It's my home", he said. Although his future is unclear, he commented, "Ultimately I will suffer any consequences with pride."