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Digital Office - ECM / Input / Output

ECM digitalizes Economy: The victory march of e-bills

Billing pays since ZUGFeRD went into effect. This standard is among the top themes at Content Management in Hall 3.

05 May. 2015
ECM, Input/ Output Solutions 2015 Foto Nr. 2

The scanning of paper invoices is obsolete. That is something ECM experts have agreed on that for quite some time. However, in Germany 29 billion invoices are still sent by mail every year: a half a million tons of paper! Together with printing and mailing, this costs German companies and government agencies around 30 billion Euros per year. According to BITKOM, if one includes drawing them up, entering them and paying them, it comes to 500 billion Euros that the commercial and governmental sectors can save each year by using electronic invoicing.

With ZUGFeRD this goal appears closer than ever. "Central User Guide for the Electronic Billing Forum in Germany (ZUGFeRD)" is a standard format for electronic bills released in the middle of 2014 by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and BITKOM. According to BITKOM President Dieter Kempf, ZUGFeRD even has what it takes to become the standard for Europe "because it uses a simple, systematic, marketable method and leads to an integrated electronic process chain." According to Kempf, the connection remains "even when structured data such as the accounting records and unstructured data such as PDF accounting documents are separated."

At the BITKOM ECM Solutions Park (Stand B17) exhibitors from the ECM area showcase a broad spectrum of solutions designed for processing digital content in businesses – from the fundamentals of document management to mobile scanning to collaboration tools and output management. At its pavilion, which is even larger than in 2014, BITKOM wants to accommodate "the growing importance of ECM in all sectors."

In addition to e-bills, e-files will also be the focus of lively discussion at CeBIT's "Enterprise Content Management, Input/Output Solutions" in 2015. Document management and archiving, contract management and digital HR and customer files are further topics addressed in Hall 3. In line with the slogan "ECM digitalizes Economy!" manufacturers will demonstrate how integrated document workflow can make business processes more simple, efficient and cost-effective. Various examples demonstrate how they can be applied to special industries.

At the CeBIT ECM Forum (Hall 3/B06), right across from the ECM Solutions Park, trends will be presented live and discussed under the auspices of BITKOM and Deutsche Messe. The six lead themes of the forum are "It Works In Practice", "Billing Pays", "Mobile Makes It Possible", "e-mail Me", "Knowledge In/Knowledge Out" and "Everything’s Allowed – Or Is It?"

For the first time the program includes ECM Guided Tours ( ) organized by BITKOM. These 2.5 hour tours begin on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9:15 a.m. at the ECM Solutions Park (Hall 3/B17). The focus of the six different tours corresponds to the topics of CeBIT’s ECM Forum (see above).

The Gesellschaft für Organisation (gfo) is staging another first in Hall 3. At its BPM Tool pavilion (Stand H36) eight business process management providers are showcasing their solutions for integral process design. In addition, gfo is holding its own BPM symposium. Here experts respond to "consolidating organizational, business-management and IT BPM perspectives when taking into account hard and soft fact-related success factors for a integral implementation of BPM," announces gfo. The symposium will be led by the process management expert Prof. Hartmut Binner.