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Artificial Intelligence

Don't just see - identify!

How IT is following the rules of nature as artificial intelligence develops. There are evolutionary steps and there are revolutionary steps - but the developers of the new AI-based 3D handheld scanner Artec Leo, which promises to deliver completely new scan experiences, think their baby lies somewhere in between.

30 Oct. 2017

While the average Joe usually understands artificial intelligence as an attempt to replicate human-like intelligence, serious IT specialists have a more level-headed approach these days and are instead focusing on automating supposedly intelligent behavior. At least for now. What constitutes AI is a little hazy - indeed we are yet to see a clear, unambiguous definition of what intelligence actually is. Nonetheless, researchers and developers are still working on a suitable formulation and launching corresponding products onto the market. Artec 3D, one of the leading developers and manufacturers of professional 3D hardware and software is doing just that. The latest achievement of the Luxembourg-based business is the AI-based handheld scanner Artec Leo.

The device takes its lead from the AI-based autopilot function of 3D scanning software Artec Studio 11, which was introduced in 2016 and can convert raw 3D data automatically into high-quality 3D models. According to its developers, Artec Leo has set a new milestone in 3D technology. The impressive device can select and process 3D data completely independently, without having to be connected to a tablet or computer. Artec Leo has a multi-touch screen with half-HD resolution, on which users can follow the digitization of the object and its conversion to a 3D color model in real time. Thanks to Artec Leo, previously complex scanning processes are now simple and intuitive. The integrated battery pack, ergonomic grip and elegant design enable simple, wireless handling and ensure work can be carried out even in difficult-to-reach places.


Artec 3D (L-1466 Luxembourg)