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Human Resources

Daily comings and goings - the flexible, intuitive and secure way

PCS is teaming up with five software partners at CEBIT 2018 to present a host of solution scenarios for Workplace 4.0 and physical security.

10 Jun. 2018
pcs systemtechnik intus 5600

Flexible, dynamic working hours and patterns have become a key component of our work-life balance these days - even more so for the digital natives just starting out in their career. So employers would be well advised to take the "flexibility factor" very seriously and seek cutting-edge workforce management solutions - which is precisely what PCS Systemtechnik and its five software partners are showcasing at CEBIT in Hannover. The attendance times logged by the INTUS terminals form the basis, providing the overview of hours worked, smart personnel deployment and planning that enable employees' preferred hours to be matched with operational requirements. The latest applications, such as from ZMI GmbH, aim to improve occupational health by putting an end to the constant contactability of staff using ideas such as disabling company push notifications at certain times.

Digital natives are also used to being surrounded by the kind of intuitive hardware that makes their lives easier wherever they go. Take the time-logging technology that forms the bedrock for Workplace 4.0, for example, as provided by the innovative INTUS 5600 touchscreen terminal. Functions are easy to customize using a keyboard template that can be styled to suit the company's corporate identity. The screens are easy to read, even in strong light, thanks to their micro-etched antireflective surface, so they can be placed just about anywhere. Standard working hours can be set and evaluated on the INTUS terminal, for example within the overarching SAP system.

PCS is also highlighting IT security at this year’s CEBIT, an issue right up high on any self-respecting company's agenda. Efforts to protect sensitive data have to go beyond the obvious digital networking to include physical access controls for the company’s data center. The weakest link in any security technology has always been, and will remain, the human element. This makes a convenient, tamper-proof and highly usable form of access control imperative - aka biometric hand vein recognition! Visitors to CEBIT can find out how PCS uses smart ID technology to combine biometry and RFID access readers to create just such an innovative access system.


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