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Online Marketing

Customer-centric Communication

Digitization is forcing businesses to re-think the way they communicate with their customers and the market.

12 Aug. 2015
Snapchat, Threema, WhatsApp – a burgeoning number of chat apps and programs are linking users, decentrally. Many companies are literally dumbfounded by the speed at which customer communication has started to bypass them. Time to talk.

That’s because the increasing bombardment of customers with digital communications goes hand-in-hand with a growing ability on the part of those customers to filter out unwanted or irrelevant marketing messages. In short, the classic push-approach of traditional marketing is losing its power.

To prosper in the digital age, businesses need to see their marketing communications from the (digital) customer’s viewpoint. Whether it’s B2C or B2B, today’s successful marketing is about delivering a unique customer experience across all channels and processes.

In the digital age, delivering a unique and consistent customer experience is the new critical success factor in marketing, sales and customer service. To achieve this, businesses must ensure that their processes are seamlessly integrated, that there are no gaps in their customer data views, and that their solutions and strategies are customer-centric. This, in turn, requires a re-think of the technologies used in marketing, sales and customer service, not to mention a new approach to collaboration and process design. In one sense, the technologies are purely a means to an end.

But in another, they are key enablers because they provide the data needed to tailor marketing to specific contexts and situations (data-driven marketing). The ins and outs of leveraging these technology enablers to achieve a modern, customer-centric and experience-focused marketing strategy lie at the heart of the new " Marketing & Sales Solutions " combined exhibition and conference showcase at CeBIT.

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