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Digital Health

Confidence in telemedicine grows

Nearly one-third of the German population is generally open to medical treatment by a robot. This is the result of a representative survey of Schwenniger Krankenkasse (health insurance agency).

31 Mar. 2017
E-Health Telemedizin Roboterbehandlung
(Source: Die Schwenninger)

Another result of the survey shows that one in three Germans would visit a doctor unknown to them in a video consultation. Despite this willingness to trust their health to modern technology, 90% of respondents still value extensive consultations with a doctor and personal visits.

The current legal situation is adapting to this shift in opinion. Whereas video consultations, online diagnoses via email, or the prescription of drugs in this way have so far been banned, the new E-Health Act of April 1 permits remote treatment if there was prior personal contact with the doctor. The state of Baden-Württemberg takes it one step further with a telemedicine pilot project . As part of this, doctors are allowed to treat patients online or over the phone, even if they have never seen the patient in person before. Siegfried Gänsler, CEO of Schwenninger Krankenkasse, stated on this development that "the future of medicine lies in the intelligent combination of people and technology."