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Internet of Things

Competition for Dr. Google

Austrian company SYMPTOMA is showcasing its medical search engine that offers doctors a new online aid for even more reliable differential diagnoses at CeBIT 2016 in Hannover.

24 Feb. 2016

The days when doctors, medical students and hypochondriacs all relied on a library of medical reference books to access core medical knowledge are long gone thanks to Dr. Google. These days, just about anyone who feels unwell will search for a diagnosis online before discussing their ailments with the local qualified practitioner on what they like to consider as equal terms. Of course, the online resources the amateur docs devour so eagerly are far from adequate in the professionals’ eyes. On the other hand, what’s to stop highly trained medics from also utilizing a similar a tool, as long as it’s based on reputable and serious sources? After all, research indicates that half a million more people’s lives could be saved each year if the correct diagnosis were reached more promptly. The SYMPTOMA search engine that the Austrian medtech company of the same name is showcasing at CeBIT 2016 now offers doctors a new online diagnostic aid that suggests potential reasons for specific symptoms.

The way it works is very simple. Once the medic has entered one or more symptoms and the birth date and gender of the patient, along with any other relevant details such as recent vacations or nationality, SYMPTOMA immediately produces a list of potential illnesses, which are ranked according to their likelihood for the patient in question. Not only can the search results be further refined with additional symptoms, but SYMPTOMA also provides detailed information about the suspected illnesses, which could prove useful for the differential diagnosis – such as additional descriptions of symptoms, lab reports, images, test results and potential complications.

Symptoma GmbH (4864 Attersee, Austria), Hall 11, Stand D38 (7), Topic: Austrian pavilion