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Come one and all!

PCS Systemtechnik is exhibiting its new, compact INTUS 5200 terminal at CeBIT 2016, a versatile time management tool that boasts innovative technology.

10 Feb. 2016

Industrialization brought with it a pressing need to log working time on a grand scale, and so the classic clocking-in machine first appeared in the second half of the 19th century. Through various stages of evolution, that simple system has developed into the electronic time recording systems we know today, which can often control access to secure areas as well as log times. The expert in time management, PCS Systemtechnik GmbH, is now setting out once again to show there is still scope for continuous improvement and development. During CeBIT in Hannover, the Munich-based company is celebrating the premiere of its new, compact terminal, the INTUS 5200.

However, it is not just flawless functionality that makes new technologies stand out. Indeed, the INTUS 5200 is the perfect example of a solution in fine form, earning a Special Mention in the German Design Award 2016 right at the get-go. Of course, it’s what’s inside that really matters, and this solution is packed with innovation. The INTUS 5200 has both a touchscreen and a membrane keyboard with pressure pads, making it ideal for meeting a whole range of preferences and requirements from employees and companies. Thanks to appropriate feedback from the keyboard, users with visual impairments can operate the terminal independently, which is another small step towards better inclusion in the workplace. The 3.5 inch, bright color display with full QVGA resolution features a micro-etched surface that largely eliminates reflections. Information and messages can be displayed as text or graphics and can be read clearly from a distance. There is even a range of multicolored skins to choose from.

PCS Systemtechnik GmbH (81539 Munich, Germany), Hall 5, Stand A18