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Artificial Intelligence

Click the pie out of the sky

Adobe is offering a glimpse of the future - where artificial intelligence saves Photoshop CC users buckets of time. Isolating even complex designs should soon take no more than one click.

08 Dec. 2017
Adobe Photoshop with AI

One of the most frequently used tools for editing images, especially by professionals, is the cutting function for isolating a subject from an unwanted background. But despite the numerous aids that have been developed over the years, isolating people in particular remains a time-consuming, intricate process. Photographers' dreams of a tool that could deliver professional results with just one click of the mouse have long remained pie in the sky. But we could soon be kissing goodbye to the tedious, fiddly job of manually tracing selections for masks. Adobe is now unveiling the powerful new capabilities of Photoshop CC, the number-one professional image editing program, which will enable users to isolate even the most complex of images with just one click - thanks to what else but artificial intelligence (AI).

As part of Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence, machine learning enables the Select Subject tool to identify cohesive subjects in pictures. This makes it possible to capture almost the perfect initial selection with a single click - which, of course, photographers can then refine as they wish. The learning capability of Select Subject is not restricted to human beings, but also reliably recognizes and isolates animals. The one thing Adobe's not saying, however, is when this quantum leap in capability will become a fully fledged fixture of Photoshop CC. Perhaps it wants to keep that under wraps till CEBIT 2018?


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