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Artificial Intelligence

Cleverly on the road with BMW and Olli

BMW i8 and Olli bothuse IBM Watson cognitive technologies to make driving in the future customized and secure. For BMW it’s about the exchange between driver and car in order to respond to preferences and driving habits. Olli is a self-driving minibus that talks to its passengers and passes on excursion tips. At CeBIT, IBM is demonstrating further applications of cognitive computing which will change mobility tomorrow.

20 Feb. 2017 Source: IBM Sponsored Post by IBM

We are back at the IBM stand. The future of mobility on rolling IT platforms awaits us. You can see a sleek BMW i8 and the Olli minibus. Externally, the two have very little in common, but they both use of IBM Watson cognitive technologies.

BMW i8

Source: Design Offices
Source: Design Offices

With Watson, the BMW i8 is expected to identify and learn the preferences and habits of its drivers. Specifically for this purpose, BMW and IBM have joined carry out research on and development of the interaction between car and driver at the Munich Watson IoT center. The exchange takes place in spoken language – German or English, Watson doesn’t mind which.

Solution prototypes should soon be running on the IBM Cloud Bluemix platform. The clever copilot is expected, amongst other things, to obtain information about the current traffic situation or read the operating instructions to the driver on request.


Source: Design Offices
Source: Design Offices

Not far from the BMW i8 is Olli – the self-driving minibus developed by the US American company Local Motors. Olli keeps an eye on everything with 30 sensors: Olli finds the correct route and brings up to twelve guests safely to their destination through the use of optical cameras and GPS positioning.

Things are different with Olli: please talk to the driver during the journey. The minibus greets the passengers, provides excursion tips, recommends restaurants and knows whether the sun will shine or if they will have to contend with rain. Colleagues of Olli are already rolling through the streets of Washington, Las Vegas and Miami – and also on a site in Berlin.

The future is being clever on the road

By 2020, about 90 percent of new cars will be networked. More than 200 million vehicles, according to the estimate, will then be directly linked, or connected via the driver’s smartphone, with the Internet of Things.

With IBM Watson, the car of the future will find a parking space itself, give early warnings about traffic jams, avoid accidents, register itself for a service and reduce petrol consumption through an intelligent driving style.

Next stop: CeBIT Hanover, hall 2 – IBM stand.

If you want to experience Olli or would like to know more about the limitless world of IBM Watson, make an appointment here .