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Christopher Obereder to speak at CEBIT

Christopher Obereder is a serial entrepreneur with a Midas touch. He programmed his first website at the age of 13 and started his first company less than three years later. Now aged just 25, the Munich-born tech prodigy is already something of a household name among celebs and founders in Silicon Valley. At CEBIT 2018, he will be revealing the secrets to his success.

26 Oct. 2017
Christopher Obereder
Christopher Obereder (Photo: David Visnjic)

Christopher Obereder has already sold two startups, including the social networking app Inlope, which was acquired by Microsoft. He currently employs about a dozen people and has already added the Forbes 30 Under 30 technology list to his string of achievements.

He divides his time between his home city of Munich, Germany, and Silicon Valley, where he mixes with celebrities and founders, shares his already considerable experience and shepherds new business ideas through to startup. During his career, he has built up a very diverse portfolio of businesses, ranging from gaming to social media to communications.

"I'm just a guy who’s passionately interested in everything."
Christopher Obereder

In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, he said that he sees himself not so much as a high flyer as simply someone who is passionately interested in everything. At the same time, he is fiercely critical of his fellow Gen Zers, arguing that they have all the opportunities in the world, but are failing to take advantage of them. The majority of his peers, he says, are opting to work for large corporations, rather than starting their own businesses, because they want security or fast money, if not both.

Obereder himself once tried his hand in banking in London, but discovered that corporate structures can very quickly become a barrier to initiative and innovation. He notes that while very few young people actually achieve their dream of a rapid rise through the corporate ranks, most tend to stay put once they are in the door, lured by the ease and security of a company car and pension plan. He believes many people his age are too complacent or simply lack the fortitude to start their own business.

Obereder has invested in various startups over the years and advises some of the biggest startups in Silicon Valley on how to successfully navigate venture rounds. In doing so, he is able to draw on a truly impressive network, working, as he does, with the likes of 50 Cent, Snoop Dog, Chris Brown, Kingbach and many other big names.