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Digital Public Administration

CeBIT is the catalyst for successful team-building

Materna and MACH - both specialists in modernizing administrative processes - sealed a cooperation deal at CeBIT 2017 to develop MACH AG's cutting-edge HR management software together in future.

10 May. 2017

The product management and software development teams of these two companies are set to join forces so public authorities can benefit from the valuable long-term experience and expertise they have each acquired separately from numerous HR projects. "Public authorities must optimize their HR processes for the future to make sure they have adequate capacities to support change processes both inside and outside their organizations," says Helmut Binder, Managing Director and CEO of Materna GmbH.

He adds: "I welcome our partnership with MACH AG as a means of intensifying our collaborative effort in strategic HR management. We will plow our combined expertise into providing public institutions with an even better HR solution for meeting these challenges." Binder's counterpart at MACH AG, Chairman of the Board Rolf Sahre, explains why authorities need to act now: “Over the next five to eight years, a good 25 percent of all public servants will be retiring. This represents a knowledge drain that will be difficult to manage without optimizing processes. HR departments will face a double-whammy, as they try to handle a much greater workload with fewer staff. State-of-the-art HR management is therefore indispensable for future-proofing administration processes. I am delighted to welcome another strong partner on board our ship in Materna, with whom we can secure our growth in this field for the long term. This is a great example of the prowess of German SMEs in the field of IT consolidation." At CeBIT, the two partners joined up with the Bundesdruckerei (Germany’'s state-owned print shop) to showcase their concept for a fully electronic ordering and invoicing process, which they can already achieve right now by bolting their modules onto existing frameworks. Materna and MACH have formed an eGovernment partnership for e-invoicing to achieve this advance.