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Catching up with encription

The Internet of Things (IoT) poses many new questions in the field of security. How to answer them is one of the focus topics of DatacenterDynamics Converged in hall 12. An interesting podium discussion helped set the scene.

14 Mar. 2016

"Everyone wants to be the first with new technology," said Dr. Sebastian Broecker, Chief Information Security Officer at the Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS). "But when it comes to IoT, nobody thinks about the security issues that we have already had to address for the PC for decades." The panelists agreed that companies simply don’t have the incentive to put more effort into IT security.

Jan P. Albrecht, member of the European Parliament, sees a clear reason for this. "For years, there was not enough pressure to develop encrypted transmission standards. That costs money, and in the past there didn’t seem to be much added value in doing that."

Connecting security and product development

Today, solutions are needed that can integrate privacy and security directly into the product development process, continued Albrecht. He said the EU is therefore working on new data protection guidelines that would impose heavy sanctions on companies that were lax in dealing with IoT technologies.

The danger of that, according to Roger Strukhoff from the ICT research institute Tau, is that we end up regulating too many things. Not every device needs to be protected with the highest security measures. More important is using resources smartly. "The question of how to solve IT security is probably up to 20 percent a question of technology. The rest is about behavior," said Strukhoff.

A new awareness for IT security is therefore needed — also in our personal lives. "On the one hand, we complain about the NSA," said DFS expert Broecker. "On the other hand, we publish private information on Facebook or buy toys that work in the cloud."

This discussion provided the backdrop for numerous presentations, panels and keynote speeches at the main stage of DatacenterDynamics Converged. Visit other events by the world's leading Full-Stack Data Center Events!