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Augmented & Virtual Reality

Can you feel it?

Berlin-based startup GelTouch Technologies has set its sights on developing a user interface that creates temporary tangible keys. Visitors to CeBIT can check out its progress at the Berlin-Brandenburg Innovation Market stand.

09 Mar. 2017
Startup GelTouch Technologies Berlin

You'd be forgiven for questioning the "advances" in 21st century vehicles. Above all, touchscreen commands for key vehicle functions can be very obtuse compared to the tangible feedback of obvious, old-style mechanical buttons. It seems we are faced with the choice of either falling back on tradition, or following the lead of tinkerers, researchers and developers by pushing on with developments to combine the best of both worlds. And it's the latter that GelTouch Technologies from Berlin is focusing on right now. The fledgling company is revealing the progress it has made with its innovative touchscreen at CeBIT 2017 in Hannover.

The Berlin-based startup set its sights on developing a smart, programmable interface with the novel integrated option of activating tangible keys if desired. The technology in question, due for launch during 2018, enables users to feel actual keys on touchscreens if sensory feedback would be helpful - for example, if so required, a temporary keyboard for typing. The tangible keys are adapted as required to boost productivity and make operating devices more user-friendly but above all surefire. In a nutshell, the aim of GelTouch Technologies is to develop a customized model for each application that augments systems with programmed sensory feedback.

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