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BPM: The big picture

At the gfo BPM Area software providers demonstrate what integrated business process management can bring about.

17 Feb. 2016

"Adjusting processes to the dynamic changes occurring at the moment in products, markets and technologies is a major challenge facing small and large companies," says Prof. Hartmut F. Binner, Managing Chairman of the German Society for Organization (gfo). "In order to react in line with these changes and remain competitive, it is necessary to develop and implement integrated business concepts."

According to a study carried out by the society, the integrated business process management (BPM) that gfo recommends as a key strategic approach to business development in the working world of the future has failed to assert itself in practice. The reason, according to Prof. Binner, is "the inability of managers, who delegate process management and think and act in function-oriented, hierarchies themselves, to lead by example." From gfo's point of view it is therefore necessary "to first analyze, model and document actual processes from a holistic point of view in order to subsequently digitalize and automate them using suitable IT business software." According to Binner one needs to take into account the company’s orientation toward success, its employees, its processes, its technology and its customers.

Eight providers are presenting their approaches at the gfo group pavilion in Hall 3 along with the latest BPM tools for process analysis, description and documentation: GBTEC Software & Consulting AG, Intellior AG, AXON IVY, kiwiw Systems GmbH, K2NE Germany GmbH, Mcon global, IT Automotive Service Partner e.V and the gfo itself.

In addition, Prof. Hartmut F. Binner is hosting a daily symposium. BPM experts will present their solutions for integrated process optimization, digitalization and automation as it relates to Industry 4.0. The gfo BPM Symposium will begin at 10:00 a.m. every day during the trade show at the gfo BPM Area.