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Business Process Management

Boost for machine learning

For the first time, Echobot is also releasing its machine learning algorithms to third parties. This will enable small and medium-sized businesses that cannot afford their own research to also benefit from the innovations of digitization.

23 Feb. 2018
Echobot Media API

Machine learning is the artificial generation of knowledge from experience. It involves an inanimate system that learns from examples and is then able to generalize from these. Unlike purely factual learning, this type of system can also identify patterns and rules in the learning data and use these to evaluate unknown data. This process is enormously important for digitization generally, but presents small and medium-sized businesses in particular with problems of implementation - simply because of their lack of resources. Former Bitkom president Thorsten Dirks recognized this, saying: "The shortage of specialists is impeding the development of the digital economy and endangering the digital revolution." Where the options are limited for cost or staffing reasons, Echobot Media Technologies GmbH now offers a practical alternative. Instead of developing algorithms themselves, companies can now access previously obtained data or tried-and-tested methods via a central data interface (API).

The new offering is based on a specially developed technology platform called EASE (Echobot Advanced Semantic Engine) that is being continuously expanded and optimized by a five-strong research team. Yet this isn’t confined to developing new algorithms - the Echobot systems also continually analyze digital data streams consisting of millions of documents, and EASE machine learning technology can then be used and trained in real time. In unstructured texts and articles, the relevant companies, individuals and geo-coordinates can be recorded and highlighted automatically. The system can also identify key themes or events and link them with its own database.


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