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CeBIT Camp

Barcamps at the CeBIT: Back to the Roots!

With the integration of three subject-specific barcamps the procedure of the CeBIT will not only close the circle to the origins of this fair coming from the Information and Communication area and the Web 2.0 but also will build a bridge between traditional event formats and new, innovative ones.

23 Feb. 2017

As a genuine invention of the Internet culture barcamps belong to the standard inventory of the recent Internet scene. The development of the event format barcamp is attributed to the Internet pioneer Tim O’Reilly who started 2003 to invite personally selected developers, specialized journalists, programmer, Start-up entrepreneurs and masterminds of the Internet community on his farm in the San Francisco Bay Area to share experiences, ideas, knowledge about the future of the Internet and related topics without any agenda or similar preconditions. Moreover, everybody was from the scratch encouraged to cultivate a very immediate, direct style of personal encounter. 2005 this innovative event format was emancipated according to his inventor, becoming mature, was democratized and diffused around the world within months. Already 2006 the first barcamps were conducted in Germany.

In the meantime it can be said that barcamps reached the centre of society. Besides that it’s still an event format which is unswervingly committed to the discursive-creative culture of the Internet culture and its grounding fathers. So innovations and phenomena of the Web-2.0 era like co-creation, crowdsourcing, interactive value, open innovation, peer production, prosuming, sharing economy, swarm intelligence, user-generated content, wealth of networks, Wikinomics or wisdom of the crowd are inseparable elements of a successful barcamp and give this event format an apparently unconventional appearance.

With the three half-day barcamps this innovative event format will return the CeBIT fair to its origins. Core elements of the CeBIT will be picked up and discussed in the context of these also called "unconferences". Not only digital natives of the generation Y but also the digital immigrants will be offered a common ground for confidential exchanges of experiences, ideas, knowledge regarding all aspects of the "d!conomy".

Consequently oriented towards the participants only that will happen what they articulate, initiate and wish to discuss by themselves, in form of permanent dialogues at eye level, without accepting any differences which could constrain the open flow of communication. The open agenda will be created at the beginning of the barcamp day by the participants themselves only after a short introduction round of everybody (only 10 seconds per person!). Afterwards the sessions will start immediately at a max of three consecutive session lines(each session lasts 45 minutes). The CeBIT Camps offer the opportunity to design a part of the program of the fair by own, proactive initiatives through the participants and to share whatever comes to mind.

Barcamps are founded on the principle of self-organization and appeal to the interest of the participants to take full responsibility for this event. The parole is "No Spectators, Only Participants!".

You are the Barcamp! Together with you we will shape the digital transition!