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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Brews what Beer Drinkers Like

Sommeliers usually turn their nose up at beer, but there are also selected connoisseurs and fierce arguments about hops and malt in this sector. A machine could soon be deciding which school comes out on top.

06 Jan. 2017
Intelligent Beer
After drinking you will be able to send a taste evaluation to the company via Messenger. (Photo: IntelligentX)

A British brewery startup is forging new paths in order to satisfy the tastes of its customers in a more precise manner: The IntelligentX Brewing Company in London relies on artificial intelligence in order to refine its recipes. Up until now, their range has covered four varieties of ales: one golden ale, one with added grapefruit, an American pale ale and a smoky version. If you drink a beer that has been brewed by IntelligentX, you will be able to send a taste evaluation to the company AI via Messenger.

The artificial intelligence then generates new recipes based on customer feedback – each production batch then has its very own flavor

, for which the customer can feel partially responsible. Using this method, the company intends to keep abreast of preferences and taste trends in a fully automated fashion. IntelligentX has also promised that the recipes generated in this way will be released to the public.