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Digitale Transformation

A skeptical perspective on the future of work

The Institute for Innovation and Technology (iit) and Technology Review magazine asked 3,219 people what they think tomorrow's world of work will look like. Their verdict is predominantly critical.

20 Nov. 2017
Source: Institut für Innovation und Technik (iit)

According to the results of the admittedly non-representative survey , a large majority (77%) expect mental stress to increase.Many respondents also doubt that the workplace of the future will offer more creative scope in terms of design. 70% are not convinced that the typical working conditions in Germany will be maintained. Participants are also skeptical regarding the continuity of employment: two-thirds doubt that jobs that disappear in one sector will be compensated by new jobs in others.

Most respondents are also concerned about the effects of artificial intelligence in the workplace. For example, 76% tend not to believe that intelligent machines will be the better supervisors in the future. A majority (62%) expect that new technologies will be used to automatically market human labor.

The Delphi study conducted by the Bertelsmann Foundation takes a look at the future of work between now and 2050. One of the less-than-surprising conclusions it reaches is that machines will be able to carry out more and more tasks by then. One of the study’s key messages nevertheless does leave room for hope: “Although we do not know exactly what is coming, we can help shape it.”