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You have to be able to afford working for startups

Less salary, less bonuses, less vacation time, but more work. Professionals in startups have to put up with many disadvantages compared to their colleagues in the traditional industry.

27 Jun. 2018 David Schahinian

This is according to the findings of a study by and . These two portals interviewed a total of almost 1,600 employees in startup companies concerning their compensation. According to this, skilled workers without personnel responsibility receive on average only 41,000 euros, while it is about 57,500 euros in the traditional industry. The difference between the executives is even greater. They earn 95,800 euros in the Old Economy, but only 54,300 euros in a startup. In addition, premiums are usually a standard in traditional companies, while only 20% of start-ups pay them. Similar results can be seen in vacation time and working hours. In startups, the weekly working hours are two hours higher.

These disadvantages are contrasted with some ideal advantages. Employees in startups can quickly assume a lot of responsibility, according to In addition, the areas of responsibility are usually broader. More independence is encouraged and possible. According to startup expert Johannes Ellenberg it is especially recommendable for recent graduates to begin their career at a startup . "The biggest advantage in my eyes is the usually much steeper learning curve compared to a job at an established company."