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Germans have mixed feelings about digitization

Two studies have investigated German opinion on the matter of digitization. According to the results, most of those asked are fearful of increased loss of data and control.

11 Jun. 2018 Isabelle Reiff

From now on, the German Academy of Engineering Sciences (acatech) and the Körber Foundation want to carry out their TechnikRadar survey on a regular basis, thus making it possible to detect undesirable developments in technological change. So far, they have surveyed 2002 Germans on the subject of digitization. The result: 60.6% are anxious about the increased likeliness that their personal data will be lost, but also appreciate the added convenience. The main concerns are in the field of smart-home technology and autonomous vehicles. In this regard, most people are worried that hackers could gain control of their home or cause car accidents.

The digital agency Syzygy wanted to find out how much people's data means to them and surveyed a total of 1,000 people in the USA, Great Britain and Germany by means of online questionnaires. The result of the Syzygy Digital Insight Survey : Germans value their data more than US or British citizens. In spite of this, they are less likely to draw the consequences if they have the feeling that their data is being misused. Only one in four Germans would stop using an online service in this event. In English-speaking countries on the other hand, one in three would pull the plug.

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