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Human-Machine Collaboration

Real cobots do ERP, too!

We're all used to the idea of cobots as tireless helpers, but the fact they can now also interact with ERP solutions might come as a surprise. Asseco Solutions is at CEBIT 2018 with a practical demonstration to show how it's done.

13 Jun. 2018
Asseco VoithRobotics Panda

The ERP experts from Asseco Solutions have a special guest at their CEBIT stand - the cobot known as "Panda" from Voith Robotics. The impressive exhibit is showing visitors how it handles a practical business scenario and interacts with the APplus ERP solution from Asseco Solutions at the same time. Carl-Heinz Gödde, Vice President Sales at Asseco Solutions, explains why his company is showcasing more than just software at the fair: "Collaborating with people requires a much higher degree of flexibility than we are familiar with from classic human/machine scenarios. Unlike a conventional machine that has one set purpose, collaborative robots have to adapt continuously to new tasks according to the situation. In certain circumstances, a traditional software-based machine connection is simply too inflexible. The robots must be able to interact with software via conventional user interfaces to ensure they can be integrated into a team on a flexible basis. With the help of the innovative robot known as 'Panda', we want to give visitors to our stand an insight into the working world of tomorrow and show them what this kind of scenario could look like."

During its run at CEBIT 2018, the cobot is completing individual steps in an example business scenario that includes removing goods from storage for a customer order. A human operator uses the robot controls on the cobot to tell it the quantity that needs to be picked then it sets to work collecting the relevant number of elements from the stores at the Asseco stand. So far, so conventional. But then Panda reveals exactly why it is on show at CEBIT - after picking the goods, it logs its activities in APplus, which it updates using its own touchpen, to enter the corresponding values into the ERP system. Finally, the cobot also prints or emails the corresponding ticket in APplus to acknowledge the quantity withdrawal for the customer. "By using the lightweight robot 'Panda' like this and integrating it into process sequences, we are helping customers boost their production significantly," explains Martin Scherrer, CEO of Voith Robotics GmbH, whose experts are joining the Asseco Solutions team at CEBIT to unveil the future of human/machine collaboration.


Asseco Solutions AG (76227 Karlsruhe, Germany), Hall 17, Stand E16