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Countdown to CEBIT: Highlights of CEBIT Preview, Part 2

The new CEBIT presents the trend technologies that are driving the digital transformation forward. Part 2 of the Preview is about future mobility, security, collaboration & Workspace 4.0, blockchain, eGovernment, augmented & virtual reality and influencer marketing.

25 May. 2018

New ideas for the mobility of the future

The new CEBIT area Future Mobility exhibits pioneering concepts for digital mobility. Volkswagen has announced "a festival of innovations" for CEBIT - from a test project with blockchain support to artificial intelligence in business to data-based traffic optimization in large cities. "The highlight will be a four-wheeled world premiere autonomous driving concept," said Jonas Kulawik, IT Spokesperson, Global Group Communications, Volkswagen, at the Preview in Hannover, Germany (Hall 25, Stand A23; open-air site Q60).

IONITY wants to set up a pan-European high-power charging network for electric vehicles, a joint venture from carmakers BMW, Daimler, Ford and the Volkswagen group. Charging stations with output of up to 350 kW will provide convenient rapid charging along major highways in 18 countries. CEBIT visitors can use virtual reality to dive into the world of eMobility, and admire the futuristic design of the first charging station prototypes (Hall 25, Stand B48).

To prevent emissions, traffic jams and parking headaches, there are plans to supplement urban public transportation systems with shared electric taxis. e.GO Mobile is presenting the e.GO Mover electric minibus and the e.GO Life city car at CEBIT. "The e.GO Mover for 14 passengers is designed for on-demand service and supports highly automated driving," reported e.Go co-founder Mathias Kreimeier at the Preview (Hall 25, Stand A27).

Deutsche Bahn wants to win over 50 million more passengers to long-distance travel by 2030 - without laying down any new track. At CEBIT, visitors can discover how they plan to do this. Also being introduced at the fair is the smart platform edge that indicates where the doors will be before a train arrives. And the first games in the 2018 World Cup will be broadcast in a public viewing section of a future regional train (Hall 25, Stand A37).

CEBIT has formed a long-term partnership with the ADAC German automobile club. "'We're evolving the club from a highway assistance to a mobility assistance service," says ADAC President Dr. August Markl, "and these changes will be presented at CEBIT." As the Community Captain for startup platform scale11, the club plays host to young mobility companies. There is also a pitch session for innovative business ideas (Hall 27/scale11 and Hall 25, Stand B27).

Concepts for tomorrow's working world

It is not just mobility that is changing with breathtaking speed, but also the world of work. AMAGNO is showcasing a revolutionary Living Documents technology at CEBIT, that lets you surf through documents as if they were webpages. By clicking an order number, file reference or name, users can view additional files, scanned documents and e-mails related to any process or case (Hall 14, Stand H20).

The Smart City by Ricoh gives hands-on access to the Workplace 4.0, with space for exciting and inspiring expert keynotes on trending topics in business. The City is featuers seven real-world examples of core aspects of the digitally transformed world of work: data security, digital workflow, mobile solutions, co-working, technological innovations, environmental protection and digitization consulting (Technology Academy, Pavilion 36).

ATOS accompanies the digital transformation of customers from a wide range of industries worldwide. At CEBIT the company shows how a future project manager will do their work, using concrete examples and live demos. Big Data and artificial intelligence are key factors (Hall 13, Stand C74 and open-air site M59).

LG Electronics is displaying its cloud monitors for the first time in Europe. These make it easy to set up quick and convenient workspaces almost anywhere. To give employees access to the necessary data from their company network, the cloud serves as storage to make all programs and services available - as well as additional computing power where needed (Hall 13, Stand D122).

DATEV is using a digital experience pathway to demonstrate at CEBIT what digitization of everyday processes in every company means. Various development stages are also visualized - from founding to successful market entry. Topics include digital bookkeeping, mobile applications for the business environment and eCommerce solutions (Hall 17, Stand F06).

A crash test for web apps and the potential of the blockchain

Ever more work processes are carried out online these days, which means that large volumes of sensitive data must be protected from outside attacks. This is the focus of the startup Crashtest Security, nominated for the CEBIT Innovation Award 2018: The Crashtest Security Suite offers comprehensive security testing for programs in the web (Hall 27, Stand F82).

Of course, cool blockchain startups are also at CEBIT. eCoin Investment has specialized in solutions to easily find your way in the world of cryptocurrencies, and develops high quality mining systems. At CEBIT the company is presenting a selection of its products, showing how to earn money with Bitcoin and its sister currencies, and testing visitors' crypto-knowledge (Hall 12, Stand B36/1).

Citizen project with blockchain and trends in eGovernment

Promising new concepts also abound in the eGovernment sector. At the Preview, Materna presented its Citizen Blockchain project, planned as a CEBIT Showcase with a fine particulates map. This project will allow people to share data from privately operated air quality measurement stations, and earn blockchain tokens. Municipal partners are still being sought at CEBIT (Hall 15, Stand G54).

The initiative is exhibiting for the first time at CEBIT. Municipal elected officials and other decision-makers can experience new concepts and innovative solutions for tomorrow's networked cities. Numerous exhibitors are showcasing applications that enable integrated, sustainable digitization (Hall 14, Stand L35).

Augmented & virtual reality for live events of all kinds

The startup VRTX Labs is demonstrating how a visit to CEBIT in 2020 might look, using an augmented & virtual reality app for interactive real-time visualization. In the future, a glance at a smartphone will be enough to call up an explanatory video for an exhibit or hook into the in-hall events program. Real-life experience is enhanced with playful features that invite users to discover the virtual tradeshow world (Hall 27, Stand B23/4).

Influencer marketing trends and entertainment at d!campus

These days many companies want to take advantage of influencers. With CEBIT!signals, Deutsche Messe and blogfoster are presenting Europe's largest influencer marketing event. More than 1,000 bloggers are expected for Digital Friday (15 June). A program highlight: "From online promotion to YouTube star: How to build a brand with two million followers without investing a penny in advertising" (Keynote with Alexander Giesecke and Nicolai Schork, Managing Directors, TheSimpleCub; Hall 27).

Even a big business festival should include plenty of fun. That's why, next to the SAP ferris wheel in more than 250 square meters of open-air site, SILPION IT-Solutions is hosting a foosball arena. The goals are fun, relaxation... and networking. Because the new CEBIT on 11-15 June is not just a premium business event, but a festival for everyone!

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At CEBIT 2018, everything is geared to generating business, leads and bright ideas. With its exhibitor displays, expert conferences and prime networking opportunities, CEBIT is a triple-punch event covering everything essential to the digitization of business, government and society. The innovations on display in the d!conomy section of the show give IT professionals and decision-makers from the realms of business, trade and the public sector the tools they need to streamline and futureproof their operations by leveraging digitization to the fullest. The event’s d!tec showcase puts the spotlight on developers and startups and their disruptive business models, as well as on research institutes giving us a glimpse of tomorrow’s game-changing technologies. The d!talk conference program features visionaries, lateral thinkers, creatives and experts from around the globe. The d!campus is the beating heart of CEBIT - the place where everyone gets together for relaxed networking, street food and live music. CEBIT presents the digital transformation in a totally new way, while retaining its core focus on business, leads and more leads. The first day of CEBIT 2018 - Monday, 11 June - is reserved for conference attendees and journalists, with the exhibition opening on Tuesday, 12 June. The exhibition halls will be open Tuesday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., with the d!campus staying open till 11 p.m. on those days. Opening hours on Friday are from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. CEBIT Events Worldwide give Deutsche Messe’s customers even more ways of reaching their international clientele, e.g. in dynamic markets such as China, Australia, Thailand and Spain.

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