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Companies employing more IT freelancers

Only one in every two employees involved in IT projects is salaried. A new study reveals that demand for external IT specialists will continue to grow in the future.

07 May. 2018 Dirk Bongardt
Source: IDG Research
Source: IDG Research

Four out of five companies utilized the help of IT freelancers last year, with 90% relying on mixed teams consisting of external and internal staff, according to the "IT freelancer study" carried out by IDG Research in collaboration with Allgeier Experts. External specialists are being called into action in nearly all areas of digitization, in particular in IT security, cloud computing, digitization, artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things and business intelligence. Growing demand for IT freelancers has a direct impact on their average hourly rates: While this was a decent 80 euros in 2015, according to the authors of the study, in 2019 this rate will approach the 100-euro mark.

And freelancers have remained satisfied with their jobs despite the high workloads: A study conducted by HR service provider Gulp in early 2018 indicated that nine out of ten freelancers were content with their work situation, and not even one third would prefer a well-paid salary position. This positive picture was confirmed in a study by the Allensbach Institute , concerned among other things with the income range of this skill group: According to this investigation, the bottom tenth of this income scale reaches a maximum of 64,000 euros, while the top tenth earns at least 192,000 euros of gross annual sales.